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5 Online Head Shops For The Best Gifts for Stoners

Some of the best gifts for stoners can be found online, so we have compiled a list of some of the best online head shops that sell some of the best gifts for stoners on the market.

The iHit iPhone Stash Case for iPhone 6

Discretion and convenience at its best. The iHit iPhone Stash Case for the iPhone 6 stores up to 5 pre-rolls while featuring a slim profile and ergonomic design.


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Kush Kaddie Vac Container

An on-the-go way to store your buds and accessories for optimum freshness and odor containment, in this vacuum sealed padded container from Kush Kaddie.


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“Can’t We All Just Get A Bong” Vinyl

What if everybody just had a bong? Available in numerous sizes, this vinyl sticker will go great on the back of your car, but probably won’t reduce road rage.


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Apollo Horticulture Grow Tent (48″x24″x60″)

Grow indoors with this next generation grow tent, providing the perfect space with all the right compartments for a successful and discrete grow.


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DankTips Glass Filter Tips and Case

Get a tastier flavor and smoother hits with these 10 glass filter tips from DankTips. Easy to roll with, reusable and they come in a neat little case.


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JellyBeadZ Clear Magic Beads

Let the tar build up on these JellyBeadz Clear Magi Beads instead of your water pipe. They expand in water, providing a large surface area for tar collection and cooling down smoke at the same time.


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Starbust Dabuccino 18mm Dab Rig

You could get one of the original Hitman Glass Dabuccino’s for about $1599, or stick with this generic model that works just as well!


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Santa Cruz Shredder/Grinder

A top notch grinder with a 7 catch thread design to stop cross threading and Rasta coating to protect from scratches.


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Smoke Box One Bamboo Rolling Tray

Made from hand made sustainable bamboo, this perfectly sized rolling tray keeps everything in place and gives you a convenient space to work with your herbs and store accessories.


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